Equipment operation monitoring system mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN and tower collecting information on machine utilization


An equipment operation monitoring and maintenance system. SIGNAL CHAIN automatically collects utilization information from machines, new and old, using IoT devices attached to signal towers. This is a simple, quick and powerful solution bearing a highly efficient ROI (Return on Investment).


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On-site paperless solution mcframe R-PAD converting handwritten paper forms into iPad data entry forms

mcframe R-PAD

An on-site paperless solution for factories, warehouses and more. R-PAD converts all handwritten paper forms into iPad data entry forms. Visualize real-time conditions and analyze problems with various graphs based on Japanese quality control methods.


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Movement digitalization system mcframe MOTION measuring worker motion using 3D depth sensor camera

mcframe MOTION

A movement digitalization system which measures worker motion using a 3D depth sensor camera. MOTION aids in factory work instruction, upholds quality assurance, and can determine the load on workers’ bodies. MOTION also contains a revolutionary learning system that implements VR environments with an eye-tracking head mounted display.


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